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Sunday, 24 June 2012

signing off

I know I have been terribly neglectful with this blog, but there have been many developments behind the scenes.  The upshot is, The Fat Writer is signing out.  I will be creating a new author platform and a new blog, hopefully far more interesting and professional than this one. 

bye all

Sunday, 19 February 2012

I'm quite excited, I am addressing the conference on Acquire Brain Injury on 16th May 2012 at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton.  I am scheduled to be first speaker and I will be speaking not as an author but as a parent.  My daughter, who is 29, stopped breathing when she was thirteen, which left her with an acquired brain injury.  I will be talking about our journey to learn to cope with her disability and to get her the help she needed.  I must try not to turn this into a rant, although I do get bitter at the way we were treated sometimes.  It took years for anyone to agree that my daughter does indeed have a brain injury and her behaviour was not just teenage stroppiness. Just because I do not have a medical degree, does not mean I know nothing, and just because I am a mother does not mean I will exaggerate the problems to get assistance with my daughter.  I think we are doing all right now, but we have had to fight to get her the support she needs, in fact we have had to fight for everything we have achieved.  I suggested calling my talk, 'Screaming in the Dark', because that is what it felt like, but that doesn't sound very positive does it. I am trying to write things in a positive light so I will have to think of a suitably upbeat title.  The message I will be giving to the medical professionals at this conference will be, listen to the family, they know their relative better than a tired junior doctor who has met her twice.  To the patients and carers and families, I will be saying, don't stop asking for help, it is available, you just have to be persistent and develop a thick skin.  Take a look at the Headway page on Facebook.

Friday, 3 February 2012

A New Start

2011 was not my year, the weight is still with me and I was too busy with everything to progress much with my writing, although I was pleased to receive a highly commended and a short listing from the Winchester Writers' Conference  Anyway, I finish my degree in May (I'm back on track for a 2:1), so I will be able to devote more time to writing.  I might win something this year.  Also I'm in a better frame of mind because things are starting to calm down. 
      Everyone is recovering from their various illnesses, the dauughter's fractures have healed and her pain has been brought under control, I've finally shaken off that bronchitis that's been with me for weeks, MIL's tests have not shown anything nasty although they will continue to monitor her and the grandchildren seem well at the moment.  Number 1 son has set a date and he will be getting married at Leasowe Castle next March.  That will be both boys married off.  The husband has a couple of juicy contracts so we can get paid for the next year. All in all, things are looking up.
    I will try to remember to blog more often.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Good riddance

Well, I can see I haven't posted for some time.  I won't bore you with the gory details but I have not had a good time since the wedding, which was the only good thing about this year (Oh, that and getting highly commended for life writing at Winchester).  I am currently recovering from bronchitis, (again), the grandkids have it too, the daughter is unwell and MIL is being tested for her "funny blood".  As these tests involved a marrow and bone sample you can imagine how my mind is working.  I haven't written much and my studying is suffering so much I have had to ask for an extension on the TMA.  Even if 2012 does bring the end of the world, it can't be worse than the last few months for me.  Good riddance 2011.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

It's been a while since I posted again, but I have a good excuse, honestly.  I have had a really busy summer, I finished that awful course with the OU and I am back in my comfort zone as I embark on my final module for my BA hons.    
     Number 2 son's wedding went well, the venue was lovely and the food was delicious.  I recommend a hog roast, it's good for entertaining the children.  They all gathered to watch the pig being turned on a spit, which was an improvement on them racing around like crazy.  There was a funny moment during the ceremony when the 2 year old spotted them setting the roast up and began making pig noises, then the 8 month old joined in by blowing raspberries.  Everyone began to laugh, even the bride and groom giggled as they exchanged vows.
     I received notification that one of my stories had been short listed for the Winchester short story competition.  I had forgotten I had entered but it goes to show that if you enter lots of competitions, eventually you will see results.  I think my writing has improved since I began entering competitions and I am beginning to enjoy some success.  Perhaps I will actually win next time.
     I promise to try to post a little more often.

Friday, 12 August 2011


I haven't much to talk about at the moment as my time is taken up with babysitting,finishing my project, preparing for number 2son's wedding in 3weeks, and visiting my daughter in hospital where she is recovering from a fractured pelvis, sprained ankle, ruptured medial ligament and snapped patella ligament. She has a great big appliance on her leg that makes her look like Robocop. Nothing of note written, l just wanted to post.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


I got back from Winchester this evening after a horrible drive, I really hate the M6 and the A34.  Enough moaning! I had a fantastic weekend.  I learnt so much and met so many wonderful, supportive people it was worth any amount of driving. 
     I had some good advice from Paul Bryers on how to develop a script I have been working on. I will develop it for radio as he suggested.  Also I did an excellent workshop with Sarah Mussi, and, with guidance, managed to winkle out the selling point of a novel I have been working on.  The title wasn't working either but I have chosen an exciting new title.  My meeting with Kate Nash was enlightening, she saw immediately that the novel wouldn't sell as it was, but offered good advice on the steps I should take to make it more desirable. 
     At the presentation dinner, I chatted with several well known figures from the literary world and shamelessly picked their brains.  Everyone was so generous.  I am bursting with ideas and just want to write all night.  Best of all, I got highly commended in the life writing competition!  I squeaked with delight just to reach the shortlist but I am ecstatic to have highly commended. 
     I was a little alarmed to hear that there might not be enough funding to continue the conference for much longer.  This is an important resource, a chance to learn, network and swop ideas for all writers and it would be a terrible shame to lose it.  If anyone reading this went to Winchester, write and tell the University how good it was and how your writing has improved as a result.