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Unwanted Visitor
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Sunday, 3 July 2011


I got back from Winchester this evening after a horrible drive, I really hate the M6 and the A34.  Enough moaning! I had a fantastic weekend.  I learnt so much and met so many wonderful, supportive people it was worth any amount of driving. 
     I had some good advice from Paul Bryers on how to develop a script I have been working on. I will develop it for radio as he suggested.  Also I did an excellent workshop with Sarah Mussi, and, with guidance, managed to winkle out the selling point of a novel I have been working on.  The title wasn't working either but I have chosen an exciting new title.  My meeting with Kate Nash was enlightening, she saw immediately that the novel wouldn't sell as it was, but offered good advice on the steps I should take to make it more desirable. 
     At the presentation dinner, I chatted with several well known figures from the literary world and shamelessly picked their brains.  Everyone was so generous.  I am bursting with ideas and just want to write all night.  Best of all, I got highly commended in the life writing competition!  I squeaked with delight just to reach the shortlist but I am ecstatic to have highly commended. 
     I was a little alarmed to hear that there might not be enough funding to continue the conference for much longer.  This is an important resource, a chance to learn, network and swop ideas for all writers and it would be a terrible shame to lose it.  If anyone reading this went to Winchester, write and tell the University how good it was and how your writing has improved as a result.