Unwanted Visitor

Unwanted Visitor
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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Disappointing grades

It's been a while again.  My excuse is, I've been busy completing assignments for the OU and travelling (apart from all the house/life/job stuff.)  The husband is working in Abu Dhabi again and I spent a couple of weeks out there, so I am very tanned right now. 
     The assignment has been marked and returned to me. not brilliant but better than last time.  I know now that I am on track for a 2:2, which is a little disappointing as, until this module, I was headed for a 2:1.  As I need a 2:1 to go on to study for MA Creative Writing at my local university, I have to make a couple of decisions.  Do I settle for a lower second or should I do another module and try to get an upper second.  Even if I do another module, there is no guarantee I would increase my grade as I would need to pass with over 70%.  What if I don't get 70%?  Do I go for another, then another module until I do?  Perhaps there are some MAs that will take me with a lower second if I can show my writing is good enough.  Then I think, why am I even thinking like this, I don't need an MA and a 2:2 is good enough, apparently most people get seconds.  I have a couple more months to ponder on this. 
     I'm going to the Winchester Writers' conference in July. I first went a couple of years ago and loved it. Then I was interested in the "how to" lectures, but now I want to do the marketing and promotions lectures.  "Unwanted Visitor" is available on Kindle and I am very pleased that I have a couple of fantastic reviews. (Thank you, kind people) and no, I am not related to them.  Perhaps if I got an MA, agents would be more interested in my novels, but I write for pleasure as much as anything else.  Hmm, I must have a think.