Unwanted Visitor

Unwanted Visitor
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Sunday, 12 December 2010


Had some good news today, I came third in a short story writing competition.  My first success!  Perhaps I should enter more comptitions.  I'm not sure how much the cheque is for, but it's not important, it's the recognition that's pleased me more than anything.  It's a real boost for my writing.
     I gave my weight lost an early boost too, thanks to the winter vomiting bug I caught from my family.  I've recovered enough now to write again, and today's new has refreshed my enthusiasm.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Busy times

Had my 19 month old grandson over to stay. His house has been taken over by the dreaded winter vomiting bug so came here to escape infection.  My house is a wreck and I haven't had time to think about eating, never mind writing, but we have had a lovely time.  He is an absolute delight.  I am curious though, why did I gain weight while my kids were growing up but I don't seem to eat so much while my grandchildren are here?  Hmm, one to ponder.
     Anyway, he's going home at 1pm and the house will seem quite empty.  I could write a little then, but I think I'd better tidy up first.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

I have two apparently insurmountable problems. I want to find a home for my novel, Unwanted Visitor, and I want to lose weight so I've decided that I've got to get serious and approach them in a businesslike manner.  What better time than New Year to embark on new projects.
     I don't want to tell anyone what I weigh, it's too embarrassing, but I will record my weight loss, if any. (What am I saying!  Of course I will lose some weight)  I will enjoy Christmas and New Year, then grab myself by the scruff of my neck and give myself a good shaking until I eat better.
     It is also my intention to continue to write (naturally) and see my novel accepted.  I will also share any other writing success I have.  With this in mind, I have been frantically editing and reworking the manuscript and fretting over details such as, 'Is it all right to have two protagonists?' because I have Jane and Martin, and, 'Why is Phil, my antagonist so nasty?'  Reading it for about the tenth time made me see I had to have a reason for things that happen and I think the novel is now better for the work I did. 
     Anyway, we will see.  I've reached the stage where I don't want to think about the novel until new year, then I'll send it out.  I'd better start researching suitable places.